psssst…..dads, I got you.


Hey dads, looking for ideas to make mom feel appreciated this Mother’s Day? I got you covered! First of all, Mother’s Day is May 14th, so it will be here before you know it. No matter if this is mom’s first Mother’s Day or her 40th, I can tell you, all we want is a little time off. By “off” I mean, we don’t want to think or make decisions…about anything…just for a little while. We are exhausted from decision-making all day every day. Deciding what to make for dinner, what groceries we need to pick up, what laundry needs to be clean by Tuesday, how long should the kids spend on screen time, what should everyone wear today, what should we spend money on, deciding when we should re-apply sunblock on everyone, deciding how to manage our time between work, our home and our children, and the list goes on and on and on.


Simply making decisions is very taxing on the brain. Researchers call it “decision fatigue” and it’s a real thing. “…decision fatigue … is a real psychological concept where a person’s productivity suffers as a result of becoming mentally exhausted from making so many irrelevant decisions.” as described in an Elite Daily article. As a mom, even when the decisions are completely trivial they can be overwhelming simply because of the sheer volume of them, and moms are making decisions all day long for not only ourselves, but for our children.

“Mom, can I have a cookie?”
“Mom, can I watch TV?”
“Mom, what are we doing this afternoon?”
“Mom, what’s for dinner?”

Scientific American cites research that shows that the simple act of making a choice depletes executive resources in the brain. Some of the smartest people have caught onto this concept and protected their brain power by streamlining the decisions they had to make in a day. Albert Einstein reportedly wore the same grey suit every day, Mark Zuckerburg wears the same grey t-shirt and hoodie and Barack Obama, the same black suit, all of them avoiding the strenuous task of deciding what to wear every day to preserve brain power. Take note, none of them are moms. We decide wardrobes for two, three, four, five people on the daily!

All of these mini decisions for all of these mini people in our lives are exhausting! So what we really want for Mother’s Day when we say “how about breakfast in bed”…”how about you make dinner”…”how about you dress the kids”…”how about you read the bedtimes stories tonight” is a break from all the decision making. If you can decide what’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, what the kids are wearing and what bedtimes stories to read, that is a huge break!


Of course we want a present too, but a break from making decisions for a day will go a long way!

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