We are 100 years old!!

April is national occupational therapy month and we are celebrating big this year because it is our 100th anniversary! If anyone knows how to celebrate, it is occupational therapists! We celebrate every holiday, every special event, every birthday, every anniversary, every milestone… just ask my family! Celebrating things give us more reasons to do more purposeful activities!

In the school setting, OTs go crazy for St. Patrick’s Day! We can make cute shamrock crafts, using fine motor skills, Leprechaun traps, using problem solving skills, not to mention chasing rainbows for gross motor skills!

In nursing homes, OTs can spend two weeks celebrating Martin Luther King Day! It’s a great holiday for reminiscence groups, memory activities, baking, working on kitchen skills, ¬†and social awareness brain boosting exercises! We love to celebrate.

I guess that’s why at our national conference a few weeks ago in Philadelphia occupational therapists were dancing in the aisles and starting a congo line! We were especially excited to have Al Roker there, via satellite, congratulating us on our hundred year anniversary and singing the praises of the occupational therapist who has worked with his son for several years. Thanks Al!

Al Roker gave us a shout out! Always good to have Al around!

Al Roker gave us a shout out! Always good to have Al around!

The American occupational therapy Association also put together an amazing video about the history of occupational therapy. You can find information about our centennial celebration and the video of the history of occupational therapy here: http://www.otcentennial.org

I highly recommended checking out the video. I have taken classes on the history of occupational therapy and I still learned a great deal from this video.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.12.53 AM

This picture is taken from the OT Centennial website.

So if you are in occupational therapist, happy OT month and congratulations on the hundred years of our profession! Now go celebrate! If you know an occupational therapist, please congratulate them.

We don’t do a whole lot of celebrating in the neonatal intensive care unit but I was able to recognize national occupational therapy month by going to speak to my congressman yesterday. He was home on Easter break and some of my friends and I were able to get a meeting with him by going through all the proper channels. I am happy to say that we had a very productive meeting. I brought to light many of the concerns I have about our nation taking care of our youngest Americans. I talked about how repealing the affordable care act what a fat maternity services and babies. I talked about the importance of compensation for maternity leave and paternity leave so that parents have time to bond with their babies. I made sure that my congressman was aware that 85% of the babies’ brain develops by the time they are three years old and the first few years are critical for the foundation of the rest of that child’s life. I felt like he heard and agreed with what I said and I sincerely hope he remembers the pictures of the babies I showed him when he is helping to create legislation for our country.

Happy Occupational Therapy Month!

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