Sensory Saturday 

So I’ve started a new social media tag called Sensory Saturdays. There are so many great ways to engage your child in sensory play and what better time than a Saturday afternoon? 

Saturday afternoons may be a busy time but you don’t have to drop everything. You can include some sensory activities into your daily chores. 

Think about all the information your child is taking in from the world. Think about what they see, hear, taste, smell, and feel. Think about the effects of gravity on their body. Whether it’s a newborn trying to hold his head up against gravity for the first time, and early walker, or three-year-old bouncing on a trampoline. 

Brain processes all of the sensations differently. Exposure to these things help build new brain cells. Did you know that your child forms 85% of their brain by the time they are three years old? That’s a lot of new connections in that tiny brain. Let’s do whatever we can to help those connections form by giving them lots of new experiences.

I’m going to focus on some tactile activities today. Think about what your child feels. If you have an infant allow them tons of tummy time so they can feel a large part of their body and their hands against the surface. Rub different textures on their skin as you say their body parts out loud. Think cotton balls, washcloths, different fabrics and textures. 

I love toddlers and preschoolers plenty of activities with their hands in different mediums. Dirt, water, sand, clay, finger paint, just to name a few. Here are some ideas of tactile bins and trays you can set up for your child. 

Sand, flour, salt, or sugar

Cooked spaghetti or noodles, even more fun if you color it with food coloring.

Plain old dirt is always a good option.

Use corn and tiny farm animals four hours of fun. 

Tiny pom-poms are great for fine motor skills and tactile sensation.

colored rice and measuring cups is great for sensory skills and early math skills. 

A bin full of small balls is a great way to encourage gross motor and fine motor skills. Hide some items underneath to work on visual skills as well. 

Try to take a few minutes to include some sensory play into your Saturday!

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